If you need to transform the profitability of your service business, ignite and inspire your team, perfect your client service experience, be guided through a difficult business situation or be advised on the viability of a potential new site, Kym Krey’s your go-to girl.

She’s a proven service industry business specialist, helping owners and managers to significantly increase profit, maximise results and develop strong teams that kick butt!


An experienced and highly engaging presenter and educator, Kym is completely alive when in front of her audience.

Work With Me

Having an experienced Mentor by your side can accelerate your results, saving years of frustration.

Online Programs

The essential knowledge you need at your fingertips in a simple guided format.


Tools and resources to grow you and your business!

Words of Wisdom

Would YOU Work For You?

With many employers struggling with staff retention and research showing that around 65% of employees would prefer a better boss over a raise, great leadership is more important than ever before.  To build the business of your dreams, you need great...

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Why Don’t They Just DO IT?

Have you ever asked yourself in complete frustration, “Why won’t they just DO IT?” You feel like you’ve spent hours showing them what you want them to do, you’ve trained them until you’re blue in the face. YOU can do it- in fact you do it every day, so why won’t THEY do it?

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Splitting Your Price List

If you’ve ever said to yourself, “I don’t have time to work on my business- I’m too busy with clients!”, then this is the video for you.
Learn how to restructure your pricing to free up your time, direct clients to other staff, get your life back and allow you to do the work your business needs you to do, to achieve the goals you want to achieve.

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What Clients Say

This is the best thing I ever did. For every business owner, I believe this is non-negotiable!

Kendall Mills, Serenity on the Avenue, Cairns QLD