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The Missing Link: to exceptional results.

What you get reflects what you give

Frustrated that you’re not hitting your KPI’s?

You’ve been teaching staff how to UPSELL every week for years but most just aren’t doing what you want? Ever thought about why?

One of my favourite quotes is:
“Profit is the applause you get from taking great care of customers & creating a motivating environment for your people”

This shows us that the payoff we expect with great sales figures is the end result of other people getting what THEY want from you. You only get what YOU want, if they get what THEY want and that requires more than just ‘systems’ & sales scripts.

Can you feel it when sales people are genuine or just after your money? Absolutely. In a thousand little ways, their body language, their facial expressions, their tone of voice, the look in their eyes or even just the lack of sparkle in their eyes, indicates to you that their words are ….just words. They’re faking it.

So how do I get my staff to sound more genuine, I hear you ask? You don’t! Here’s the twist:
To be supremely successful at what we do, in a commercial sense, ($, KPI’s, results) we must change our mindset from one of selling (i.e. trying to get something), to one of giving (‘How can I be ‘of service’?).

Our clients are pretty savvy these days. They’re growing more sophisticated and educated in exactly what they want from us and they are OVER mechanical sales techniques!
In some recent market research for a salon group, I heard the same thing from salon clients, over and over again.
1. They want your guidance, knowledge, guidance & advice. In fact they expect you to share your knowledge with them- that’s exactly what they think you’re there for!
2. BUT…… They’re SICK of being SOLD TO!

There’s the kicker. They’re over our sales techniques. They can sniff our closing/retailing tactics a mile away & they’re not having a bar of them. They want your genuine professional assistance.

They’re asking you to BE the expert they’ve been looking for and they are happy to buy from you if they receive that (and what you’re offering is good value to them).

But results are important! How do we do both?
I think as an industry, we’ve spent the past 5-10 years talking solely about dollars and we’ve stopped telling our staff the story about why we do what we do. Last time I checked, very few hairdressers chose this profession to become salespeople and hit targets, so we can see clearly why most resist our efforts to make them ‘sell’. They chose our craft to create amazing work that they’re proud of and to make people feel great. Underneath each KPI you measure is a value around creating an amazing client experience.

Stop talking dollars; start talking values.

• Average $ per client measures the value of expanding consultations by exciting our clients with new ideas.
• Retail % measures the care shown in educating clients how to recreate their looks at home and solve problems that drive them crazy.
• Rebooking % measures the ability to wow and win clients, the desire to build long term relationships and the enthusiasm to plan future visits from the great ideas suggested.

Whilst our staff aren’t often excited by selling more retail, they will completely relate to the need to help, share knowledge and give great advice. They love to give! The numbers are just the scoreboard. You can’t manage numbers, you manage the behaviour that resulted in them. Link every number or KPI you measure to the underlying value and client need it measures and inspire them with stories about delivering the most amazingly thorough, professional client experience imaginable. Don’t aim to ‘satisfy’ clients. Knock their socks off with extraordinary care!

Profit is the APPLAUSE we get for taking great care of our clients.

Now, how do you manage or change the behaviours of your staff to achieve this?

Stay tuned for our next blog. ‘Manage The Mindset’!

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