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The Power of Gratitude

When was the last time you said ‘Thank You’ to you team?

Do you make a point of saying Thank You to each team member for something every day or do they need to practically break a world record to win your praise?

No matter how old we are or how long we’ve been in the business, everyone likes to feel appreciated and know that their hard work is being noticed. Just taking a moment somewhere in the course of each day to say a simple “Thank You” to the staff who make your business what it is, can be a powerful way to build loyalty and inspire them to give you their very best.

And what is your natural reaction when someone makes the effort to thank you for your support or hard work? You want to do it again, right? Exactly! What gets rewarded, gets repeated.

Here’s another quote for you: ‘Dollars go where energy flows”. If you lead a retail or service business, your staff are interacting with your precious customers every minute of every day. Your results come through their actions so you need those actions to be 5-star, right? Right.

Notice them taking great care of your customers, tell them how important that is to you and to the company and let them know that their efforts are making a difference. Make them feel special and that’s exactly what they’ll do for your customers.

If you’ve noticed someone really going above and beyond lately, don’t just say “keep it up!”, take 2 minutes to hand write a Thank You note and post it to their home address. Yes…..snail mail!

The words Thank You written on yellow sticky notes

The words Thank You written on yellow sticky notes

Seriously! When opening our mail, every one of us heads straight to the coloured, hand written envelope that looks like it contains something special… and it does. Gratitude!

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