Kym has spent many years working both with individual business owners and within large retail and service groups to address under-performance issues, identify opportunities for growth, develop Learning & Development programs, coach, mentor and assist people at all levels to break through current blockages and achieve outstanding success.


She can teach anyone, business-minded, creative or otherwise about the essential elements required for success, having coached many to outstanding results and even industry awards. Her business acumen and service background allows her to find common ground with all.

TESTIMONIAL “Our company has used Kym Krey as a consultant to our business owners on many occasions over the last 3 years. Kym is very good at consulting because she is professional, knowledgeable and affable. It is not easy to relate to all types of business owners, assess their strengths and weaknesses and present it back to them so they accept it and then change their habits. Kym does this with ease. Kym has done several presentations to our group and they are always pertinent, upbeat and well thought out. Her speaking/presentation skills are excellent. We would highly recommend Kym as a consultant and public speaker.”

Bossy Hair Group


Sometimes you just get ‘stuck’ and can’t see the way through a recurring problem or maybe things are ‘comfortable’ but you’re just not getting growth. Need to break through some barriers? You’ve come to the right place.


In a 60-90 minute PowerChat Kym will work with you to identify the underlying cause of your situation and help you plan the most effective solution. Not sure about long term coaching or want to try just a session or 2 as a ‘taste’? PowerChats are the perfect option for you.

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“I’ve gained so much confidence in running my business. Kym has taken the guesswork out, my profit margins are growing steadily, my staff are driven and enthusiastic and I have more quality time with my family. This is one of the best steps you could do for yourself and your business. I highly recommend Kym.”

Anna Dunne

Obsidian Hair

“Coaching with Kym has been an amazing growth experience for me personally and for my business. I now utilize my time working on my business much more efficiently, giving quicker results than I ever thought possible; gross sales have increased by over 30% and net profit by over 60% in the last year. The most valuable conversations with Kym have been focused around staff management, setting team and individual goals and being accountable for those goals- even in an economic downturn! Coaching for me personally has given me so much more freedom in my life, allowing me to work hard but also have the downtime that was never possible in the past. Thank you for all your wonderful help and advice!”

Kim Baker

Boheme Beauty; Refinery Beauty Bars