Is your appointment book busy, but you’re still not making your target?

Are you working your butt off, but still stressing about paying your bills each month?

A big part of your problem is likely to be your PRICING!

You see, in a service business, what we actually sell is TIME. We accumulate costs such as wages, stock, rent and other overhead costs, add a profit margin and then sell these costs back to our clients in 15-minute blocks. It is absolutely critical that you know exactly how much you need to make to cover every 15-minute block you allocate to your client, otherwise you’ll be selling your time for far less than you need to cover your expenses, and then working 10-15 extra hours per week to make up the loss!

Don’t just copy whatever someone else is charging- they may not have their pricing accurate either, so you’re just following them into a loss!

Correcting your pricing can be fastest thing you ever to do increase your profit, and also the first step to getting your life back!