Your Best Year Yet, Adelaide

Adelaide Adelaide

Are you ready to make 2020 the year when things really start to happen in your business? Want to get your year of to a cracking start? Come and spend the day with Kym Krey as she highlights the areas of your business you need to be focusing on right now and the key actions […]


Client Mastery, Adelaide

Adelaide Adelaide

Do your staff struggle to recommend service and homecare solutions to clients? Are they stuck in that ‘same again?’, ‘just the regrowth?’, ‘same as last time’ rut? Do they view recommendations as pressure to ‘sell’? Is there a clash between their creativity and their need to perform? Let’s spend an evening truly understanding our role […]


Stop the Leaks, Brisbane – Why aren’t I making any money

Brisbane Brisbane

If your turnover is growing each year, but you still never have enough money left for you… you’ve got profit leaks!   Come and learn where your hard-earned money is slipping right through your fingers and how to keep more of your precious cash in YOUR pocket!


Salon Leader Bootcamp

Gladstone Queensland

Essential leadership skills development to help you become a confident, inspirational and effective leader… who gets RESULTS!


Retail Mastery

Adelaide Adelaide

Sharing the results of recent industry market research, we'll discover why many of our clients aren't buying- even when they want our knowledge and advice! Plus, we'll learn exactly how our clients want to receive our suggestions, so they feel confident to make the purchase.


Pricing for Profit

Brisbane Brisbane

Come and learn once and for all how to set your prices accurately.

Using a handy pricing tool, you’ll evaluate your service prices, spot exactly where you’re losing money and walk away with a plan to gently correct- without scaring off all of your clients!