Words of wisdom

Would YOU Work For You?

With many employers struggling with staff retention and research showing that around 65% of employees would prefer a better boss over a raise, great leadership is more important than ever before.  To build the business of your dreams, you need great...

Why Don’t They Just DO IT?

Have you ever asked yourself in complete frustration, “Why won’t they just DO IT?” You feel like you’ve spent hours showing them what you want them to do, you’ve trained them until you’re blue in the face. YOU can do it- in fact you do it every day, so why won’t THEY do it?

Splitting Your Price List

If you’ve ever said to yourself, “I don’t have time to work on my business- I’m too busy with clients!”, then this is the video for you.
Learn how to restructure your pricing to free up your time, direct clients to other staff, get your life back and allow you to do the work your business needs you to do, to achieve the goals you want to achieve.

Staff Incentives

As Business Owners and Managers who need to get the best performance from our team, we’re always trying incentives and bonuses. But what do you do when you feel like you’ve tried everything, but nothing seems to work? No matter what you offer, it doesn’t seem to get them excited, or maybe results jump initially but then return right back to normal.

Correcting your salon pricing

Is your appointment book busy, but you’re still not making your target?
Are you working your butt off, but still stressing about paying your bills each month?
A big part of your problem is likely to be your PRICING!

Can I Be Both Boss and Friend?

When it comes to managing your staff, can you be their Manager as well as their friend?
This is a question that perplexes many managers, especially if you used to party with your team before you became their boss. The biggest influence on an employee’s performance is their relationship with their direct manager, so we want to have good relationships with our team, but can that extend to hanging over a bar with them at 3am on a Saturday night?

How Can I Get My Clients to Rebook?

As Salon Business Owners, we understand the importance of rebooking our clients before they leave, to ensure their treatments are done when needed, and of course, to maximise the profitability of our business. But what if you’re asking every client if they want to rebook and they’re saying, “I’ll just call when I’m ready”. How can you guide your clients to do that before they leave today?

Why Are Staff So Transient and How Can I Keep Them?

Have you ever thought to yourself: “I’ve never had so much trouble trying to keep staff! I feel like I feel like I’m always having to give more and more just to keep staff happy and then, as soon as they get another offer, they’re out the door?”

We’re Almost Booked Out, So Why Aren’t We Achieving Target?

Are your staff constantly busy yet still not making budget? Is there no room in your appointment book but no money in the bank to pay your bills? Are you working harder than ever and completely frustrated at never having enough money? The answer may lie in your...