“This is the best thing I ever did. For every business owner, this is non-negotiable!”

Working closely with an experienced Mentor who has been exactly where you are, can accelerate and multiply your results, saving you years of frustration.

Business Mentoring

  • Are you exhausted, working crazy hours, yet not making the money you need?
  • Are you tired and stressed but can’t afford to stop?
  • Are you determined to take your business to the next level but you’re unsure how to approach it?
  • Are your team performing way below expected levels, despite all your best efforts?
  • Can you envisage a business you love that gives you an amazing income and the lifestyle you crave?

If you’re serious about getting real results, fast, there’s no one better. Kym has spent many years working with both small business owners and large groups to address under-performance issues, identify opportunities for growth, develop awesome teams and make more money.

And, she’s done it with her own money too, taking 3 of her own businesses from start up to successful sale, winning a swag of business awards along the way. She’s got the proven track record and the knowledge, skills and experience to get you where you want to be.

Her clients get results! From several thousand extra dollars per week, to precious time off, to buying their commercial building, she’s helped them achieve it all, and she can help you achieve that too!


Want to see if Business Mentoring is right for you?

Whilst I love helping Business Owners, it’s important that we’re a good fit for each other so a chat before starting anything is a good idea. If you’re serious about getting real results and you’re ready to start now, get in touch.

If the fit is right, I’ll do a complimentary strategy session where we’ll get to the bottom of what’s causing your current issues and draft a plan to take you from wherever you are to where you really want to be. Then, we can have a chat about what mentoring would look like.

No pressure, no strings attached.

We’ll need some information prior to the call to allow me to prepare, so please click the link below.

Mentoring programs are tailored to the needs of individual businesses and cover all essential areas of effective salon management.

Affordable payment terms make this a no-brainer for any savvy business owner dreaming of a better life.

Coaching with Kym has been an amazing growth experience for me personally and for my business. Her guidance has allowed me to utilise my time working on my business much more efficiently, giving results quicker than I thought possible. Gross sales have increased by over 30% and net profit by over 60% in the last year.

The most valuable conversations with Kym have been focused around staff management, setting team and induvial goals, and being accountable for reaching those goals- even in an economic downturn!

Coaching for me personally has given me so much more freedom in my life, allowing me to work hard, but also have the down-time that was never possible in the past.

Thank you for all of your wonderful help and advice!

Kim Baker

Boheme Beauty and The Refinery Beauty Bar, Townsville, QLD

When I emailed Kym for help in 2010, I had 2 salons, a large tax bill and was not even drawing a decent wage for myself- even with a turnover of $750,000! Through Kym’s guidance, knowledge, persistence and determination, I now have a thriving business, a clear understanding of what is happening in my business, I’m drawing a great wage and… I’ve just bought my building!

This is the best thing I ever did. For every business owner, I believe this is non-negotiable!

Kendall Mills

Serenity on the Avenue, Cairns QLD

I’ve gained so much confidence in running my business. Kym has taken the guesswork out, my profit margins are growing steadily, my staff are driven and enthusiastic and I have more quality time with my family. This is one of the best steps you could do for yourself and your business. I highly recommend Kym.

Anna Dunne

Obsidian Hair