Want to see Kym live? Kym delivers a range of single and multi-day workshop programs designed to achieve marked improvements in specific areas of your business. Programs can also be delivered in-house to your managers or key staff and tailored to suit your specific business needs.

Show Me the Money (Maximising Profitability)

Let’s DRASTICALLY improve your turnover and profitability! Frustrated that you’re working harder than ever but still not making the money you want? Wondering why you’re booked out, but still struggling to pay the bills? Don’t understand why you can’t draw a decent wage? Want to know how to set prices, targets and budgets PROFITABLY? This is the program for YOU! An absolute MUST for any business owner.

2-Day Salon Leaders' Bootcamp

The must-do program for Salon Owners, Managers, 2ICs or any aspiring leader.

As the leader, your most important skill is not what you can do yourself, it’s what you can get other people to do! Learn how to create the environment for success, build a culture of performance and establish your ‘Accountability Structure’ and Continual Coaching Routine to keep your staff focused on what counts and achieve outstanding results. Plus, learn how to confidently manage non-performance or unacceptable behaviour without losing your cool!

Strategic (and Profitable!) Service

Ideal for Managers and staff of all levels.

Your staff’s actions literally show up in your bank balance so it’s essential that everyone on the team knows exactly what to do, when and delivers it consistently, every client, every time.

We cover all key client service areas to show you and your team:

  • What must be covered in a thorough client consultation
  • How to educate clients without ever having to SELL
  • How to answer the ‘How much do you charge for…?’ question
  • How to consult, educate, inspire rebook and still stay on time!
  • What’s all the fuss about targets? How they’re calculated, where the money goes and why it’s not about the money!

Essential Salon Marketing

We often think that growing our busines means constantly advertising for more clients, and whilst that’s an important element, there’s so much more that needs to be done to ‘find our tribe’, build our brand and grow our business effectively.

We cover:

  • Using marketing as the tool to achieve your goals
  • What is great marketing and what turns clients away in droves
  • The balance between building relationships and selling
  • Internal Vs External Marketing: Where there may be thousands of extra dollars sitting in existing client opportunities
  • Your ongoing marketing routine: the systems that must happen like clockwork for maximum marketing results
  • Crafting your online presence & why it’s so crucial
  • Creating your markting planner: where to start, what to do and when
  • Preparing your staff to maximise results

Want These Workshops In Your Area?

We LOVE bringing these game-changing workshops to areas all around Australia and New Zealand. Do you have a group of attendees ready and excited to attend? Get in touch and let's make it happen!