Kym Krey

Did You Really Hire A Dud

We’ve all been there. Interviewed a new potential employee who seemed so perfect for the job so we couldn’t wait to get them started. We excitedly offered the role, sent the contract and arranged the start date. ON day one, we showed them around, introduced them to the team…. and left them to get on […]

How Do I Make Them Stay

What do you think attracts potential new staff to a role? Money? Sure, that’s part of it. In addition to the reputation of the brand and opportunities to grow, research shows that at this early stage, it’s mostly salary and benefits that draw them to you, BUT that’s definitely not what keeps them there. #retention […]

Leading Through Uncertainty

Managing Through Uncertainty We are in uncertain times. None of us have been through this before, but you have been through other challenges and you’ll come through this one as well, if you stay clear and calm and take action to move forward. Of course, one of your biggest concerns right now are your team […]

They Just Don’t Perform. What Can I Do

SHE JUST DOESN’T PERFORM- WHAT CAN I DO?  I’m struggling with a poor performer who just doesn’t seem to improve. I’ve trained them, encouraged them, even incentivised them, but nothing seems to work. What can I do? This is a situation so many of us have found ourselves in. And while it’s easy for us […]

Why You Should Invest In Your Future Leaders

You have an enthusiastic employee who is a consistent performer, a reliable team member and great role model for other staff and you’ve decided it’s time to promote them to a management role. Fantastic! So, what do you need to do to prepare them for this role? “Well…. nothing. They’ve been working for me for […]