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Essential Guide To Staff Performance

How to get Your Staff Thriving, Stretching and Hitting target !

Want better results in your salon but don’t know where to start? Need to boost your team’s confidence with clients to smash their targets? Would it be great to get your team on the same page when it comes to awesome client service?
This is the program for your entire team!


Let’s clean up tension and restore trust and performance

From time to time, signs of irritation, frustration and disengagement can occur in every working relationship.

When we understand that results reflect relationships, we know how important it is to clean up these issues fast, and keep our work relationships healthy and clean. Download this helpful tool to help you Clean Your Glass!


Let’s measure the health of your workplace culture
Attracting and retaining the best staff demands that we create a positive and supportive working environment, but how do you know how your staff feel about their work?
This tool literally allows you to measure the health of your workplace from your staff’s perspective. An essential exercise to do every year!


“Where are your opportunities to grow as a Manager?”
Where do you need to grow?
This helpful tool is your opportunity to identify where you currently feel confident and strong in your leadership skills and where you may want to grow and improve. An ideal tool to also use with any managers you employ to guide their ongoing leadership development.

YOUR YEAR AHEAD: Review & Planning Tool

Are you determined to make this year your best ever in business?
Use this tool to help you review what’s currently working well in your business and identify what needs to change to allow you to grow. The perfect way to prepare for a new year or trading period, I use this with my one-on-one mentoring clients every year to set our focus areas and form our plan of attack!