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Why your staff don’t ‘just do it’ and how to ensure they do!
We’ve all said it. “Why can’t they just DO it? Why does it have to be so HARD?”

I know you can do it. You used to do their role yourself and you likely did it spectacularly… but now as a Manager, you can’t do everything yourself, right? You tell yourself it’s just common sense. They should just know what needs to be done.

It’s the trap that so many former high performers fall into when they step into a management role. Sure, it’s easier and maybe quicker to just do it all yourself, but that will keep you stuck…. and likely burn you out. Your role now is to get other people to do it to the same standard of excellence.

However, getting results through others requires a new mindset and a different set of skills. It’s all about defining clear but inspiring expectations, building positive, productive relationships, developing accountability managing underperformance, addressing problems quickly and maintaining a continual coaching routine that keeps your team on track and grows them toward success.

It is possible to build that high performing team you dream of, but it won’t happen by accident.
Learn the specific, leadership actions you need to lead your team to success.

Managers, 2ICs, Business Owners, Franchisees
If you’ve ever managed people, you’ll know that it doesn’t always go according to plan. Staff may not meet your expectations in areas like behaviour or performance, and these issues won’t just ‘go away’ or magically resolve themselves by avoiding a conversation or sticking your head in the sand!
We add to the frustration by telling ourselves things like, ‘There’s no point- they’ll just get upset!”, so we allow underperformance or unacceptable behaviours to become the ‘norm’- to the detriment of the business and your culture. Always remember that your other staff are watching to see what you do. Does your vision and mission actually mean something or was it all just fancy words in an employee manual?
There’s no need to fear or avoid these conversations. Handled with skill and a clear and positive mindset, these moments can be the breakthrough you dreamed of…. rather than the nightmare you’d feared.
As leaders, we have a responsibility to give our staff the best possible chance of being successful in their roles and that means clear expectations, rock-solid boundaries and conversations to restore accountability and get them back on track when they inevitably get distracted.
You’ll learn the 3-step process for approaching potentially difficult conversations and how to manage those issues that just seem to happen over and over again!
Develop the confidence to calmly deal with issues with they’re small, before they get out of hand, so you never need to lose sleep over a staff member again.
Managers, 2ICs, Business Owners, Franchisees
Do you ever wonder whether it’s ever going to happen?
Whether the hard work, crazy hours and serious lack of holidays will ever pay off because no matter how hard you work, you just can’t seem to get ahead?
What you need is a proven plan to get you from ‘here’ to ‘there’. We’ll walk through the 5 stages that need to be mastered to grow your business from a state of stress and overwhelm to one of profit, freedom, security, consistency and lifestyle!
1. Stop The Leaks — Why you’re working harder than ever and still not making money
2.Nailing Your Numbers- Knowing which specific actions directly impact turnover and how to measure and maximise each one
3. Let’s Grow! Maximizing customer retention and referral, getting your marketing message crystal clear and creating a steady stream of ideal customers
4. Building The Leaders Around You – It’s time to stop doing everything yourself. Learn how to grow your best people in your values, delegate responsibilities and get results- even when you’re not there!
5. Lifestyle- You’ve built the foundations, now you’re ready to take the next step. We’ll clarify your most important roles within the business to maximize both results and lifestyle, then identify the steps required to make that happen.
Managers, Business Owners, Franchisees

Have you always wanted to be an inspirational leader?

The kind that encourages, believes in but also stretches their staff? One who is able to recognise and reward generously but also have the tough conversations when needed?
Maybe that’s exactly the kind of leader you always searched for.. and possibly never found… but now you want to BE that calibre of leader for your staff.

Leadership can be an incredible journey and with the right knowledge, skills and mindset, you can completely transform both your relationships and your results with those you lead…… but who shows you how to be a great leader? I do!
We’ll explore the most important elements of inspirational leadership to help you master the balance between people and money; relationships and results.


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