Kym Krey

Know-How. Experience. Results.

Kym Krey is one of Australia’s most inspiring frontline leadership educators.

With a wealth of knowledge and experience spanning over 35 years, she’s lead successful teams at all levels of business, from single sites to national and international chains and franchises and has the proven runs on the board to help her clients get serious results.
Truly a Manager’s Mentor, Kym knows the mindset, skills and strategies required to help Managers get the best per-formance from their teams
She sees the common roadblocks Frontline Managers face in influencing their staff’s behaviour and performance and has helped thousands of Business Owners, Managers and Franchisees learn what it takes to truly engage their people, turbo-charge their results, and build cultures of excellence.
Whether she’s presenting to groups of 5 or 500 or even working one-on-one, her infectious energy and powerful insights will help you and your managers master the essential tools, routines, mindset and strategies needed to achieve success through the actions of your people.
Many Managers were once high-performing individuals themselves, but struggle when it comes to getting their staff to achieve the same results. That’s where Kym comes in. If your business relies on your managers achieving performance-driven targets through their people, you need to hear what Kym has to say.

Kym is all about breaking through limiting barriers to achieve success, and she’s built a reputation for growing teams who get results and have a lot of fun along the way!

She’s an outstanding business educator with a ‘knack’ for making the complicated sound simple and has a passion for helping current and future leaders develop the skills they need to succeed.

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