Kym Krey

About ME


Kym Krey is a Service Industry Business Specialist with a wealth of first-hand knowledge and experience spanning over 35 years.

From an early start in the workforce, she moved quickly into management, tackling larger businesses, teams and more responsibility while she progressed through regional, national and international management roles.

One of her most valuable observations has been discovering how the skills required to lead at higher and higher levels can change quite remarkably, yet so few promising managers receive the support they need in learning these essential additional skills. The result? Disappointment, stress and staff turnover leading to a devastating loss of talent.

Discovering a gift for education and training, Kym has honed her presentation skills over several decades, inspiring learners across all areas of business from technical to leadership and service excellence to profit-mastery.

Building three of her own businesses from scratch to successful sale and winning several business awards along the way, Kym earned her stripes by rolling up her sleeves and getting the job done, giving her the runs on the board to help her clients get serious results.

Later adding tertiary qualifications, Kym has since worked extensively with multiple franchises across many industries as well as large multi-site retail and service operations, and has developed a real passion for mentoring leaders and managers to revolutionise their results.

She will work closely with your store /department managers to improve their effectiveness, develop an internal education program to up skill your current and future leaders at all levels of experience or even work one-on-one with Business Owners/Managers/Franchisees to achieve rapid results.