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Do you need specialised assistance within your organisation?
If you run a group of stores/multi-site chain, or almost any kind of customer-focused business, your internal managers have a huge impact on both your culture and your results.

We often promote our best-performing staff into these management roles, assuming they’ll just know what to do, but research data shows that almost 50% of these promotions are unsuccessful- not because the new manager didn’t give it everything they’ve got, but because what got them here won’t get them there.

Getting results through other people requires a different set of skills. Without this essential support to learn the important fundamentals of leadership, these new managers often burn themselves out, trying to do every-thing themselves. The result? A devastating loss of rising talents within your organization.

Your people are your future. Invest in them well.


Do you have hard-working Franchisees who have mastered the hands-on, technical skills of their service but struggle to build their business, retain customers and maximize profits?

Or brand-new franchise partners who are keen to learn but have never owned a business before and need guidance in getting the right systems in place to ensure both reliable income and a consistently great customer experience?

It’s the age-old tale of working on the business as well as working in it.

People often buy into a franchise believing that their fees mean that money will just start flowing in the door from day one leaving them to just ‘do the work’ and enjoy the lifestyle. Fast-forward several months and the inevitable reality check can result in disillusionment and franchisee turnover.

While many great franchises offer initial training and a Master Franchisee network, there can sometimes be a knowledge gap that can be filled with external support.

Would an introductory business skills program improve the results of your franchisees?
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